Louisiana Board of Examiners of Certified Shorthand Reporters

License Renewals

Welcome to the LA CSR BOARD’S Online License Renewal Site!

We are currently renewing CCR and CDR Professional Licenses for the 2021 calendar year.


It is the policy of the Board that knowing the expiration date of a license is the responsibility of the
registrant, regardless of whether or not the registrant receives a renewal notification. CCR and CDR
Licenses are calendar year licenses. All licenses will expire if not renewed on December 31st annually.

Any licensee who fails to complete the renewal process timely or who requests any status other than
“Active” will be prohibited from representing himself/herself to the public in Louisiana as a Certified
Court Reporter or Certified Digital Reporter.

**If your license/certificate is Expired or under any status other than “Active”, you must contact the LA CSR
BOARD OFFICE. For name changes you must complete the Reporters Status Report and contact the Board Office.

On every even numbered year when all mandatory continuing education credits are due; all credits must be
completed and turned into the Board Office on or before December 31st. All continuing education credits are due
within 30 days after the reporter has received proof of attendance.

License/Certificate options for renewal:

Option #1 – Online

To pay with a credit or debit card begin your online renewal below:

For CCR Renewal Click Below (Certified Court Reporter)


CDR Renewal Click Below (Certified Digital Reporter)

*Your license renewal will include a State Charge of $5 for electronic commerce in accordance with Louisiana
Revised Statute 49:316:1.
** Individuals changing their name may not renew online at this time, please see Option #2

Option #2 – Invoice

To pay by mailing a check (foreign checks, Money Orders, and Cash not accepted) submit the appropriate
renewal invoice found below:
Renewal invoices MUST be printed. The LA CSR BOARD will not accept handwritten documents.

*When you send a paper check as payment, you authorize us to clear your check electronically. Electronic
payments may clear the same day we receive payment.
**If you hold a CCR and a CDR, you will need to print both invoices, renew both individually, and obtain
the required seal for each.

FAQsClick here to view the FAQs relative to online license renewals
Required Seal Information and DirectionsClick here