Louisiana Board of Examiners of Certified Shorthand Reporters

Continuing Education

Louisiana Administrative Code, Title 46 (click to access), delineates continuing education requirements.

CHAPTER 6.  Continuing Education

  • 603 A. Every reporter must obtain 12  CE credits every two years.  The cycle begins on January 1st of every odd numbered year and ends on December 31st of every even numbered year.
  • 603 D. Suspension or revocation for not obtaining CE credits
  • 605 Excess CE credits are not cumulative
  • 607 You are responsible for keeping track of CE credits earned and submitting the records to the Board or having the organization you received them from submit them
  • 609 A. Lists subjects the Board will accept.
  • The Board may accept  CE credits from accredited universities, colleges and other institutions of higher education, as long as, the subjects fall within the list in 609 A. An official transcript must be mailed or faxed to the Board office.
  • 611 Online or home study courses are not accepted.

NOT ACCEPTABLE FOR CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDIT:  CPR courses, attendance or participation in tours, exhibits, entertainment, recreation, committee service, association business, home study, or on-line courses or seminars.

Continuing Education Credits may be obtained through:

  • Louisiana Court Reporter Association (LCRA)
  • Verbatim Reporters of Louisiana Association (VRLA)
  • Pre-approved providers:  C.E. Credit Sponsors (Click this link)

Note: Not all credits granted by the above entities may be granted by the Board. The Board reserves the right to accept or deny continuing education credits in accordance with its rules.

Apply to the Board for Approval of Continuing Education Credits

If you find a seminar that you believe complies with the rules and that you would like to attend for continuing education credits, you must submit the Agenda or outline to the Board office to request approval. The Education Committee will review requests and recommend approval or rejection to the Board.